Shine Papers 

Shine Papers is the inventor of the worlds first ever 24 karat gold rolling paper and gained quick popularity for people who celebrate 'all of life's highs'. Shine papers burn extremely slow and are know for turning heads. PS: burning these papers leaves quite the gift in your ashtray

Oil Slick Papers

Creates silicone release paper that is known to save time and money, plus they're super stylish!  Oil Slick papers are excellent for rosin extraction and a major step up from grocery store parchment. Oil Slick's innovative bonding technique plus medical grade silicone produces a paper that is STRONGER AND MORE NON-STICK THAN PARCHMENT.


Rijuice is known for crafting the highest quality juice from the best organic and local produce from Lancaster County.  Rijuice sources from and works with some of the best organic cooperatives in the United States, shipping their produce to all across the Northeastern United States, maintaining the Lancaster heritage of the finest agricultural produce.