Create • Destroy • Conquer

May 18th & 19th, 2018

CDC Book release & Pop-Up Gallery Exhibition

Photography by John Schieda


When & Where

Friday, May 18th 6-10PM

Saturday, May 19th 3-10PM

1537 North Front Street

Philadelphia, PA


High Art Productions will be hosting this two day pop-up as the official book release of Create Destroy Conquer - a 12 year retrospective based on the nationally acclaimed graffiti crew ‘The CDC’. It will highlight the art of lettering in graffiti culture, give depth to the crew’s history, explore their relationship with freights and showcase their growth as individual artists. This 196 page narrative tells the stories of the cdc crew - the friendships they develop, and the troubles they encounter while painting freights. Rich in graffiti culture, Philadelphia is an ideal place to present this unique take on graffiti, and its place in our community.

Featuring CDC crew members: Mecro, Yuthe, Draft, Koyn, Bogus, DotM, Swine, Stoe, Alamo, Oter, Genoe, and Tacoe.


Oter 2!.jpg


This exhibition will serve as a donation platform for a Crew member, who is in need of a kidney transplant.

He is a loving husband and amazing father to his wife , and son who is 2, with a little baby brother on the way, due in June 2018. he had a kidney transplant when he was 12 years old due to unknown complications. he is now 32 and his transplant kidney he has had for 20 years now needs to be replaced as soon as possible, as transplanted kidneys do not last a lifetime. he has passed his kidney evaluation and has been but on the deceased organ donor list. Finding a match for a kidney this way could take up to 3 - 5 years maybe longer. he does not have that kind of time especially with a new little baby on the way. We were just told by his doctors after receiving routine lab test results, that his current kidney is only functioning at 16%. This means that if he does not find a living donor as soon as possible he will have to go on Dialysis. Dialysis is a very unpleasant treatment that is generated by a machine that basically filters and cleans your blood for you because your kidney can not.



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